How Has Social Media Changed Our Lives?

One of the most common discussions these days is the effect of social media on our lives. While it is easy to direct all our energy at decrying the way in which it has created a vast population of lonely people, social media has changed our lives irrevocably. It has meant that everyone who uses this channel to communicate has had to fundamentally change the way in which they function.

As users have become more aware of business practices as well as right and wrong practices, they have made sure that companies are held answerable for their wrongdoings. Especially e-commerce websites and companies in that space. Open here and see the latest trends.

Social media is vastly different from traditional media in several ways:

  • Quality Checks are user based: Everyone is online. Literally. This means that their content is online too. Now, while one can expect a certain standard from a publication like The New York Times, the same cannot be said of other media outlets. Quality is measured in terms of language, the nature of the content, the credibility of it, and so on. Since social media has room for everyone, the nature of the content cannot be curated to match the highest standards.
  • The long arm of the media channel: If you are using a social media app, chances are that you are set to receive content from every imaginable source. Unlike traditional media houses which have a single point where the information is created and circulated. Social media enables users to create their own content and use the information from traditional media to bolster credibility and circulate it.
  • Everyone’s a creator: Social media is user driven. The user is the origin point of all content that’s posted on these pages. Unlike traditional media which have a set of people – writers, producers, and their broadcast network.
  • No need for a skill set: If you are planning on joining TV, then, you need to know how everything works. With social media content, however, you just need an internet connection, every tool you might need to make a meme, or a viral video is available online.
  • Right here, right now: A TV documentary or new report takes the time to create and air on their channels. A social media-driven video or text post takes a few seconds (upload time depending on a user’s internet connection). The time taken for a news media organization to create content for users to consume varies a lot and people would rather trust social media to deliver such time-bound content immediately.
  • The edit post option: Traditional media content once published has no room for editing. A new post clarifying the misinformation of the previous one has to be published. Social media posts enjoy the fact that any post created can be edited for clarity and accuracy at any given time.

When a company operates a social media page, it is imperative that they have a connect with their audiences. This means that a page which doesn’t respond on time or doesn’t reply to complaints might be blacklisted.

A lot of consumers have turned to social media to highlight bad business practices of companies in a drive to make things more transparent. Gone are the days of phone queues while consumers waited for ages just to get a customer care executive on the line to file a complaint with a company and get their responses to a query. Thanks to social media, users now have an avenue to control the narrative of a consumer complaint regarding a product or a service that they are unhappy about.

In order for businesses to function well in such an information-driven environment, they need to make sure that they are responsive, customer-friendly, and more importantly, relevant. There have been many instances where company pages have responded rudely or inadequately to a customer complaint or post online and this has led to such posts going viral.

Going viral can be a good thing if you’re the hero of the narrative and the customer or internet users are happy with the way in which you have responded to a complaint or a query. If the response is, in any way, inadequate, then, rest assured that the viral content won’t be in your favor.

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